Less than a week.

Let the bodies hit the floor

Here less than a week, and already holed up in a shitty house in a shitty junkyard, waiting or the police to raid us and find the dead bodies.

Love it! Marauder seems to have equal part balls and brains, something all leaders should have. If anyone is going to outsmart that detective it’s him.

Which brings me to a question, since when do fucking homicide detectives get put on missing persons cases? Did Red’s old brother-in-law actually call? When did the boys actually take off? Did they really run to the cops? Could this cop and Red have been killing people unmolested for years?

As hard as this detective is pushing I would have to guess, yes. Though what the connection is I couldn’t say. Maybe the detective has a way of jumping bodies? Anything is possible, even werewolves and vampires, so who the fuck knows?

Maybe Dreamweaver has some info on that. Good guy, but he seems so focused on making this a real business, when it seems like such a headache to deal with. I don’t know that our spiritualist needs to be so caught up on mundane things. Maybe I should offer to help or take over? I’m the fighter, if there isn’t anything to kill I’m pretty much taking up space, so it would be a good thing to get his attentions back yo spirits things. Mmm maybe hire a manager instead. Why get the headaches for him?

Assuming we don’t get killed or arrested before tomorrow.




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