Life in the fast lane

As crazy as that is gonna sound, I love being on the edge of violence. Io suppose my auspice and my tribe have a serious influence on who I am as a person, and given those I would be predisposed to a life of violence…yadda yadda yadda, don’t fucking care why, all I know is I can’t get enough of it.

The Marauder is smart. Very cunning. I don’t think I ever want to cross a man that patient, that resourceful or that ambitious. I trust him to make the touch calls, and I already know I would die for these guys, but I have to say, I think the Marauder has what it takes to make us a truly legendary pack.

Dream Weaver, man oh man, I want to slap him sometimes, but he always has an interesting angle to look at things from. Shit, I’m wrong more than I am right, but I’ve never believed that was the point in life. This guy cares about IT. He cares about us. I admire his tenacity. Unfortunately I think we have too many things in common, such as our tunnel vision. Regardless he has a good bead on this spirit stuff, and I trust him to have my back, and nobody, I mean nobody, better ever fuck with him.

Roman seems pretty cool for the most powerful dick in this city. Speaking of dicks, those BMX fuck tards got all pissing contest with us. I hope, hope they are the asswads attacking vampires, cuz selling them out to Jay will remove five shit heads from the food chain.

I totally dig this idea of vampires. I mean too fucking cool right? Gotta meet some more of these guys.

All said and done, I’m more than stoked to be here, and I hope I can make good use of my relationship with the Yakuza to advance our position I n the city.

I think I need to start taking a more active roll within the gang, see if I can get more influence there.



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