Hiro 'Zero' Kobayakawa

Short thin, wiry young Asian man


A thin, japanese man in his late teens early twenties, Zero looks the part of a yakuza associate. Suits and tuxedos given a casual, almost fifties greaser look. Typically dressed in dickies high quality t-shirts, and his favorite waste coat with tails, Zero always wears a extra long wallet chain, which adds a level of street thug to his persona. He keeps his hair long worn in an under cut, tied up in a top knot.

Zero personality is of a street tough, one who enjoys harming those he deems deserve it. Short, with the build of a tense cat, Zero always seems to be holding back rage. While most would find him likable, all can tell he is not mentally balanced, and a quiet smoldering anger, or hate always seems to be boiling behind his eyes.

If one were to see him with out clothes, they would find a man covered, in the yakuza style, with tattoos. Only one arm is blank, left open, save several black roses with falling pedals.

Age: 21
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 135 Lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


Zero, given the wealth he has recently acquired, has added sports cars to his list of flashy things he likes to show off.


His most sacred possession is the families near seven hundred year old Katana, a symbol of his families pride and ties to the samurai of ancient japan.


In wolf form he appears to be a just under average sized grey, white wolf, with dark grey to black markings.



Hiro’s father, Takashi Kobayakawa, was a powerful business man with strong ties to the Yakuza. Hiro’s mother, Heather Kaneshiro, was the curator for the Japanese Museum of Art in Los Angeles. The two met, and fell in love when Takashi was sent to America to run his companies US holdings.

Shortly after getting married, Hiro was born. While his mother cultivated his artistic side, his father pushed Hiro into areas of study and practice he felt built discipline, pride and honor. Areas such as bushido, and other forms of martial arts, believing he was molding his son to one day succeed him.

Instead of finding interest in his father’s business, Hiro was constantly awed and I thrilled by stories told by his “uncles” of their lives in he Yakuza. Early on Hiro longed to be a part of that world.

Hiro’s mother became seriously ill, and battled cancer for several years, until she lost her fight shortly after Hiro’s sixteenth birthday. Hiro was deeply scarred by his mothers death, and more so by the fact his father was away on business when she died.

Hiro acted out more and more, until, at the age of 18 he left home and joined a small crew loosely connected with the Yakuza.

Try as he might, though, Hiro wasn’t let into the Yakuza. The Yakuza bosses, ones he called uncles as he grew up, didn’t want to disrespect his father. After some time Hiro proved himself a valuable asset to the Yakuza, operating as an enforcer and fixer.

Shortly after his 21st birthday Hiro was sent to Las Vegas. Four men had stolen from the Yakuza and Hiro was to retrieve the money and kill the men. Hiro and his crew easily found the four men, but when they arrived in the men’s hotel room, Hiro and his crew learned there were actually six men involved.

Hiro was shot in the gut within seconds of the start of the gun fight. Hiro’s world went red, and when he came to, he saw no sign of his wound, or much of his clothes. He found all of the men he was sent to kill torn limb from limb, and all but one of his crew dead. Hiro was able to get himself and his crew mate, Alexzander Tankayuri, out of the hotel room before police arrived.

Laying low, Hiro secured medical treatment for Tankayuri, but in doing so made himself known to the Forsaken that came looking for him.

Hiro was brought into the world of the Forsaken. After spending time with his pack mates, and learning about his new world, the pack, now calling itself the Gypsy Kings, decides to head into Denver where they have a good shot of gaining renown and domain.

However, Hiro was contacted by one of his “uncles” and informed of his father’s death. Crushed, Hiro headed for L.A. For the funeral. After the funeral Hiro discovered that his father left him a sizable fortune. Hiro made sure to give a large chunk to his “uncles” as was customary, then, after a few purchases, and retrieving his families ancestral katana, Hiro drove to Denver to rejoin his pack.

Hiro 'Zero' Kobayakawa

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