Kale Alemana

Giant of a man, as solid as he is tall, Kale, a Samoan, is covered in Polynesian tattoos


image.jpgKale stands seven feet six inches tall, and is built like a linebacker. Kale wears his hair very long, but normally pulled back into a pony tail or braided if he feels the need for it to be out of the way. His arms, chest and back are covered in Polynesian tattoos, telling the story of his life. Kale is an imposing figure, and is normally actively trying to be intimidating. Kale wears an assortment of biker gear; black jeans or Dickies, wife beaters with mechanic shirts, biker boots and leather jackets. He almost always wears his Kevlar vest under or, when ready for action, overtop his clothes.

As a wolf, he is near solid black, with some gray starting to show through. Massive and instantly frightening, Kale is a mass of intimidation no matter what form.



Kale grew up a product of the streets, running with gangbangers, then graduating to career criminals. He was always good at finding things and especially people. As he got older and wanted out of that life, he became a bail recovery specialist, or bounty hunter. Eventually his old friends came around, and Kale started tracking down individuals that owed or we wanted by higher up criminals. His skills made him sought after through out the islands of Hawaii and in the states.

It was during a job to Vegas that Kale first changed. The son of a powerful drug lord had lost a lot of money to a crew of petty low life’s, who kidnapped the young man, and demanded a large sum of money for the boy’s return. The drug lord had other plans. Kale was sent in to return the son safe and sound, then to “reward” the kidnappers with a bullet each to the head. Instead, Kale was shocked to find that the drug lord’s son was actually the ring leader of the group. A gun fight erupted, and after taking a bullet to the gut, Kale blacked out.

When he woke up, everyone of the would be kidnappers and the drug lord’s son were dead, shredded to pieces, and his gun wound was healed. Kale buried the bodies, removed any sign of his having been there, and attempted to flee. Instead he was approached by someone who could explain to him what happened.

Unable to return home, and having failed at his last job, Kale has found new purpose with his new pack. He knows he could be an alpha, but he doesn’t believe he would be a great one, in the Marauder he sees the foundations for an amazing pack leader that will make him an amazing pack member, and effective member of his new found life.

Kale Alemana

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