King's Log (Jay's notes)

WAREWOLF june1st
• Met with max also met Andrea
• Gave us a territory with a locus that is not claimed that he now’s of.
• If it is taken over by pure drive them out. If forsaken try to get rid of.
• Given directions and both of there numbers.
• Joik ( bills char) came up with a lead a doctor who performed autopsy
• At his office in boulder kale found home address
• Home in gated community proceeded on foot we knock
• Doctors name is Tim he had a lawsuit against junkyard dropped it because red threatened to kill his family.
• There were two murders on the property (the reason we told Tim we came out to talk to him at a late hour.) Believes red beat and molested his sons and killed Tim’s sister his reds wife.
• Went to junkyard to track and find locus found a teenage girl frightened a bald old guy shot her boyfriend and is chasing her.
• Tracking dead boyfriend with scar our totem heard a sound it is a rotting corpse of a pit bull. I ingauge.
• Scar and me easily dispatch the zombie dog. Moments before herd shotgun blast behind me.
• While scar and I were engaged red (possibly ) attacked joik and the teen almost killing him and her. Kale had tried to come to my aid.
• After spending some time liking our wounds we have decided we need to work on how we are going to communicate and work together.
• We find the locus around it is blood and bones in the spirit world but no spirits. Maybe because it is to new or maybe because of something else as we get closer the bones begin to shift and two more dogs appear.
• Two more rotted dogs attack we dispatch with little trouble our ability to work together seems to be growing.
• Checked the garage and house in both realms the house and garage are covered in shadows more so than most places.
• Git to the house join and myself saw Denis in lunacy holding a shotgun with chains and meathooks hanging from the ceiling in the spirit world also saw two men in hoodies meandering outside headed into maze ( men only in the spirit world.)
• Denis bolts for the front door. Joik opens the door I run to do I can scare Denis back to kale who has gone gauru. Bit Denis to get his blood sent, finally beat him unconscious.
• Checked the upstairs two bedrooms bath at end of hall, there’s only one room that seems to be used.

• Searched all the bedrooms and rest of house found rifle and ammo for it and shotgun.
1. Where’s red ODELL? Says he doesn’t know. Thinks he patrols the junk yard. Read him seems to be telling the truth.
2. Where’s your brothers? Says they come and go as they please.
3. Asked about his mother’s death? Said it was an accident. Read believe.
4. What about the lawsuit? Not his problem. Believe
5. Telling him about the mess red made (wink wink) we are here to clean up the dead bodies and as payment he runs the junkyard for us.
• Showed him the bones at the lotus to convince him to work with us.
• Seems to have no regard for his family. Brothers 15-16 go to school sometimes.
• Convinced to think about it for 24 hours
• Took bodies to refuge with reds truck. Then took red out east in the
• plains drove 2 miles out walked half a mile off road burned body.
• Dennis ran with two brothers to a motel had him tracked by scar.
• Called him at his hotel to get his decision and to scare the crap out of him.
• D would rather just wash his hands of the j yard. Negotiating a price for property. Excerpts a deal for $100,000 for property.
• Got into fisticuffs with teen brother.and won oh yeah!
• Picked up booze and a ho for the teens . Then went back jy to forceably get Dennis to sign over the jy then off him. He runs they always run.
• We offed him oopps
• Making contact with spirits at locus for 1st time of negotiations.
• Starting off talking with blight spirits first. During the talks a feral cat/feral dog attacks.possibly made of fear. Creature is very tough, caused kale to flee in fear. But took off after scars attack. Continued negotiations. Went back and forth rat spirits first heard the grinding of metal coming closer. Metal form made of car parts appears.

Awoke to a knock at the door of the trailer mountain and I picked up. It was the police wanting to answer some questions about the disappearance of one Dennis. We agreed to come in with marauder as our council. After talks with a lieutenant we find they got nothin but a hunch.
Marauder then went to get us some new id’s. After he shared with us some info his mojo gleaned turns out this lieutenant is a complete wack job. Good for us easier to get dirt on.
We all took a walk and found five new urban blight spirits hanging out the largest of which gave us the skinny on possibly two more fear spirits hanging in the area. Maybe easier to work a deal with them too.
Mountain and marauder went out to get more info on the lieutenant and his family. And in the process marauder gets him some undead booty. Witch created an opportunity to get some help from a the vampire for favors to be named later.
I screwed up when I met Andrea for lunch and dissed my alpha marauder by not telling her his position in the pack as our alpha.
Started to try to shape the junkyard into an actual business. Found the only customer they had before the police go figure. Added a couple more customers too as well as started advertising .marauder put an add together to hire us some help thinking an ex con someone who won’t ask to many questions and desperate for work.

Started the day with mountain bailing on us for the call of more action. That sucked but our friend that we met in Vegas joined us His name is hiro. Unfortunately girl was delayed by the death of his father sorry buddy. He did make out financially though it was a shitty way to do so. He has been very helpful in helping secure our territory as well as helping me get the business up and running and got me laid twice. Tried to make things right with marauder by fixing or trying to fix how we’re looked at by the syndicate.
We decided on where and how large a territory we wanted to start off with. And spent a couple of days making sure no one had already claimed it and the claiming it ourselves. Andrea was very helpful in telling us some of the places that she knew were already taken.
While claiming our territory we ran into a nasty scene of massacre at a market in our territory. The cop who has been on us about the disappearance of Dennis is heading up the investigation. Marauders contact was able to give some info on the trouble. He also added a reporter to his bedpost notches.
And here where everything goes down hill. Hiro and I went drinking at a local watering hole, Hiro beat the shit out of some football player and we headed back home. Everything seemed fine when I went to sleep but I woke up to dennises brothers hanging from the ceiling in the basement. To make things worse there are two undercovers outside the gates watching the house. And it get even worse when everything marauder and I went shopping for is now being delivered one right after the other. Oh yeah my first real interview for the junkyard showed up he starts Monday. To think out of all the shopping we did we forgot the lube but we are still getting fucked.


King's Log (Jay's notes)