The Fallen



  • Mountain – Decided to lend his might elsewhere. A true friend and brave warrior now gone from the pack.
  • Hiro ‘Zero’ Kobayakawa – A well constructed plan and a poorly executed follow-through leads to the demise of our brave Rahu. A true friend and loyal packmate; his death is on us all.


  • Red – A murderous asshole who got in between our pack and a locus.
  • Dennis – Kin to Red. Simply a casualty of gaining the locus at all costs.
  • Bear – Werewolf prick of the pure tribes, insisted on following his alpha into our domain and paid with his life. His head now decorates our locus.
  • Celeste – Werewolf bitch of the Pure. Met her pathetic demise when a building collapsed on her. Let her rotting head serve to remind others.

The Fallen